Real Estate

Real Estate a large real estate / construction company with multiple departments and branch offices, faced the following challenges that prevented it from achieving its highest business potential:
• Decentralized and inefficient methods of information entry, storage and retrieval resulted in considerable wastage of time and resources. Moreover, duplicate data entries in the LAN-based Fox Pro system by employees in different departments
• Lack of reliable co-ordination between departments or branch offices due to processes being verbally triggered resulted in the high possibility of communication gaps and hitches in the overall workflow.
• Inadequate (manual) means of tracking customer feedback and ineffective ways of ensuring follow-ups threatened to adversely affect customer relationships and loyalty.

Client Requirement

  • A Real Estate Investment Trust wanted to build a valuation data model to evaluate an acquisition
  • Opportunity of a retail mall. The REIT was provided with a high level “information memorandum”
  • By the sellers of the retail mall, and needed to convert information into a data model that would
  • Better support their acquisition decision. The data model was required immediately.
  • Handle the functionality as well as the general settings of the website.

Business Solution

This panel allows the job seekers to:
• After careful analysis of the “information memorandum”, Tech Infomatrix built an Argus data
• Model that clearly delineated the value of the Retail property. Tech Infomatrix also delivered a
• Detailed report that highlighted various “assumptions”, as well as pointed out “missing information”
• That was not available in the information memorandum. The results of the model were then tied to the memorandum to point out, and account for discrepancies.

The Solution:

Parmatmas Real state, high-end ERP suite that has been especially developed for the real estate industry. With the implementation of this web-based business tool, HDIL experienced tangible benefits in a multitude of ways across its operations. New modules continued to be developed and integrated into the eBuild suite right through. It now includes:

  • Architecture Module
  • Sales Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Payroll Module
  • Maintenance Module
  • Store Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Engineering Module

Candidates Panel

This panel allows the job seekers to:

  • Register on the website.
  • Edit/update their personal information like experience, location, field, functional area, industry, expected salary etc.
  • Upload their CV's onto the website.
  • Search/apply for the vacancies in one click.

Each of these user-friendly and intuitive modules equipped Parmatmas Real state with a powerful one-stop solution that quickly resolved the issues and challenges the company encountered prior to its implementation.

Further, eBuild's in-built essential tools proved to be of immense value to Parmatmas Real state employees. The tools included an array of convenient features, such as a Stamp Duty Calculator, a Purchase Order Generator, an Automatic Receipt Generator, Employee Pay Slip Generator, amongst a host of others.

Moreover, as eBuild is a highly scalable system, it always remains relevant and profitable for the company. This factor served as another incentive for HDIL to deploy this unique ERP solution.