Online Restaurant Booking

Client Profile:

The client is From USA. And he is one of the leading Business man in Restaurants Booking.


To build an Online Restaurant Booking System that allows the restaurants and its agents to manage tables and online bookings. The application should be like open table clone.
To allow restaurants to maintain diary of bookings and table allocations.

Business Needs

In order to avoid table waiting time at restaurants, online booking requests are encouraged by restaurants. The client wanted to develop an online restaurant booking system that allows the hotels to register and manage their bookings online. The client wanted the system to work more like The Online Restaurant Booking System should also be able to provide an administrative interface for managing table allocations and diary of bookings for hotel admin staff.


To address the needs mentioned above, an ecommerce portal is been developed which ensures real time and effective management of bookings, cancellations along with client updates on various activities related to booking.


• Website provides information about

  • Restaurants
  • Detail page with photos
  • Food/cuisine
  • Area/locations
  • Reservations based on availability checks
  • Search
  • Distributor / Retailers Management (party)
  • HR Module.

• Online booking for restaurants
• Diary and Table management
• Invoices and payments
• Roaster system
• Administration and display of hotel information

Tools and Technologies used for implementation

  • ASP.Net framework 2.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • ActiveX controls
  • SQL Server 2005


  • ASP.Net framework 2.0
  • SQL Server 2005
  • ActiveX controls
  • SQL Server 2005

The newly designed on line Resturant Booking Web site takes advantage of unique features within ASP.NET to create a more satisfying user experience. Visitors will no longer receive blank search pages, because the integration between the Web site's interface and its databases is so much tighter. And productive searches will lead to better conversion rates. Wood says: "Rebuilding the on line Resturant Booking Web site using Microsoft ASP.NET has the potential to increase our revenues massively." Using a more flexible coding system also means that the company can realise its ambitions for domestic and international expansion, because it's quicker to implement new features and there are a greater number of developers available with the right skills.

• Customers get a personal, satisfying experience on the Web site, which means they're more likely to find what they are looking for and make a booking. Wood expects that this will lead to higher conversion rates and significantly increase the company's earnings.
• Users in several countries will see a version of the on line Resturant Booking Web site in their local language. The company plans to build domestic audiences in these countries, creating a global business.
• Customers experience little or no downtime due to the robust technologies used in the latest version of the Web site.
• Developers working with the ASP.NET version of the Web site can easily add new features such as mobile device extensions, because they're using familiar Microsoft development environments.