Engineering Staffing

intelnet computer, being a long term engineering staffing provider, has managed to attract the best talents onto its team of candidates. Through its experiences among different types of markets, ICS understands the needs of top tier and mid level engineering organizations. Through this understanding ICS assures that it can provide professionals with experience required to support the engineering project at every step of the concept-to-completion cycle. Rather it be a requirement for silenced engineering professionals or multi-disciplinary managers, intelnet computer has got them.

What We Provide :

Contract Staffing

intelnet computer can quickly provide an individual or team of engineering consultants to execute your critical engineering projects.


You can evaluate the performance of a intelnet computer engineering consultant before committing to a long-term, permanent hiring decision.

Roles We Specialize in:

  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Mechnical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Hardware Electronics Manager